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In a post-apocalyptic world, humanity has been enslaved by a rogue AI. Deactivate the AI's networks and witness the birth of a new conflict: between a machine and itself.

In our latest update, you can now play Project: sHE with friends! Add them to your Friend List and compete for a whole new dimension of challenge.

For more: PROJECT: SHE

AVAILABLE NOW - Shutdown Shenanigans
How far are you willing to go to get re-elected? Probably not far enough! Only the most skilled political minds are adapt at navigating the treacherous waters of governmental catastrophe. Sure, it seems simple: avoid the blue, collect the red. But budgetary brinkmanship isn't that easy: shut down the government too long and you'll bankrupt the country!

AVAILABLE NOW - Woodchippers!
Help Axel defend his home against the invading trees. Travel from land to land, defending those in need. Chop, burn, blast, saw, and slice your arboreal enemies!

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