Apr 1, 2016

Promo Codes for a free copy of Project: sHE

For the next month we are offering 100 free copies of our newest puzzle game for iOS and Android. PROJECT: SHE

Project: sHE is a puzzle game accompanied by everyone's favorite kind of AI story. Ya know the one we mean, where the AI goes rogue and tries to take over the world. To get your hands on a promotional code for you or a friend, simply answer one of the following thematically appropriate questions (or answer both if your feeling adventurous!)

Answer either question:
1) What is the hardest logic puzzle you have ever encountered?
2) What is your favorite AI story? Film, novel, game, or whatever else.

Submit your response in any of the following ways and we will send you your free code:
- Post your response on our Facebook wall
- RT our tweet with your response
- Reply to our Reddit post with your response

One code per person and don't forget to let us know if you would like an iOS or Android code.