Aug 12, 2015

Hello World!

Welcome to our independent game development website! As we find development milestones that tickle our fancy we will be posting in this one convenient place. Follow along for our latest updates:
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Castor Games is a part-time independent game development company formed by two close friends who unfortunately don't have legions of followers yet :). But for those who find us, we want you to know we spend our time developing and testing ideas in the hopes that YOU will enjoy the results. Our goal is to build experiences that bring as much pleasure as we can cram into our code.

"Project: sHE" is a puzzle game based on a famous computer science problem, and featuring an in-depth story, hidden secrets, unique puzzle mechanics, and over 200 puzzles when completed. Our current focus is on completing this game, with an estimated launch toward the end of this year. We are really excited about this idea and will continue to update with development milestones. We especially encourage anyone who is interested in being an early release tester to follow us so you will get our notifications when we run testing. [More on "Project: sHE"]

Launched in February 2015, "Woodchippers!" was our first project and an invaluable learning experience in design, marketing, testing and perspective. "Woodchippers!" is an action adventure game and was an ambitious effort for our first product. Features include: multiple unlockable weapons, 16 unique infinite upgrades, leaderboards, achievements, and 40 different stages for hours of play with increasing difficulty modes each time the game is completed. We are proud of our first game and encourage those who have not already to give it a try for free, available from the Google Play Store.

We hope you enjoyed this quick overview of who we are and what we're doing. Please feel free to share with any others who might enjoy what we offer. "Project: sHE" is right around the corner for release, so follow us, check out the game, and let us know what you think. Because in the end, we make these games for you.

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